Life as a Hunt

And now, to depart from my usual topics, a short post about religious matters.

I just found this delightful interview with Thista Minai via The Wild Hunt.  I especially loved this bit in her response to a question about Artemis and hunting:

I think it’s much easier for people to say “hunting is bad” or “hunting is good” because that escapes responsibility in a way. It’s much harder to say “I am good or bad depending on how I conduct my hunt” … and isn’t that a great analogy for the rest of our lives? How do we each conduct our hunt? How do we act when we pursue something we want? What means are we willing to go to to get it?

I think she’s right on the merits of hunting, but I’m also interested in how a deeper investigation of almost any activity can elucidate a general approach to life using that activity as a metaphor.  This is something the Japanese know well, of course; their penchant for making even serving tea a Way to Enlightenment (Do) is well known.  It’s as if human knowledge is a great tree, with one trunk but many brnaches.  You can look at just the branches if you like, but as soon as you go deeper, you start to see the connections between things.


~ by arkhilokhus on May 8, 2008.

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