Well, that was quick.

A couple late nights, and my training is on the back burner. I haven’t gone out or worked out since this week started. Of course, I’ve been working twelve and thirteen hour days, but I should be able to do better. Even if I don’t like going out after dark, living in the ghetto as I do, I could have been working out at home.

Anyway, I have been thinking about seduction this week, especially about some things I need to do to project a better image. New clothes are definitely on the agenda, with a couple outfits for going out a definite buy. I also need to get a new cell phone, badly. After that, my car needs some attention; I need to clean the inside thoroughly, as well as get the stains on the outside removed.

I’m also getting ready to move to a safer area, and from a studio into a one-bedroom. Hopefully that will let me get an actual bed down the line, which, aside from letting me get better rest (sofa beds aren’t so great for your back), will be better when I get to the point of bringing girls home.

The other main thing I need to do is work with my dog. He’s not aggressive, but definitely gets irritable when people come near the apartment. I remember how he used to bark incessantly when guests came over at the townhouse. So, if I’m going to have someone over, in the short term, I need to board him. In the long term, I need to socialize him to the point where he at least won’t chase people away.

Of course, all this costs money, and with my first ‘spousal maintence’ payment due next week, that’s something that’s in short supply. So, for now, I just need to be thinking of doing all of this piece by piece, while getting back to practicing approaching.


~ by arkhilokhus on March 14, 2008.

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